For Campaigners

What can I write to my MP about?
You can either write about a personal issue or a policy issue.

A personal issue
A personal issue might be if you have a problem with a public service locally, for example if you feel you’ve been treated badly by an NHS service.

What result will I get?
Your MP may be able to help rectify the problem, get an explanation for you or ensure it doesn’t happen again.

A policy issue
A policy issue might or might not be to do with a problem you have experienced personally, but it should be something you feel also applies to other people around the country. An example of a policy issue might be your views on sex education in schools, or whether home testing kits for HIV should be legalised. Most concerns to do with international development would be policy issues.

What result will I get?
Your MP may be able to help by raising these issues with the relevant Ministers. Policy change is a very slow process, so don’t expect instant results. Your letter makes a difference, even if you feel you didn’t get a good response. Letter by letter, the MP becomes more aware that HIV is an issue in the UK and globally. Please consider sending a copy of your HIV-related letter the APPG on HIV and AIDS, so we know what issues are being raised.