Government recognises scale of undiagnosed HIV in public health strategy

The APPG has ensured that HIV is part of the government’s new Public Health strategy and that there will be an increased focus on reducing undiagnosed HIV in the years to come.

David Cairns MP, Chair of the APPG on HIV and AIDS, said

“It was not clear that HIV was even going to get a mention in the Public Health White Paper, but we have been arguing non-stop to ensure it was recognised as one of today’s key public health challenges. There are 22,000 people in the UK who have HIV but do not know it. We are delighted that the Government has recognised this challenge in its White Paper and is going to tackle it.”

The APPG has met Ministers, held parliamentary debates, tabled questions, contributed to consultations, chaired meetings at party political conferences, and contributed to policy papers all aimed at tackling undiagnosed HIV. This work forms part of the ‘Halve It’ campaign, which includes experts both inside and outside parliament, to halve today’s high levels of undiagnosed HIV by 2015.

Ministers are currently considering whether to include prompt diagnosis of HIV in their important outcomes framework.

The Government Public Health White Paper can be downloaded here.