New and existing members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on HIV & AIDS meet with civil society groups

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Release date: 18th July 2017
APPG drop-in session for new members

As Parliament returned after the General Election, members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on HIV & AIDS met with eight civil society groups to discuss their priorities related to HIV in the new Parliament. There are an estimated 101,300 people living with HIV in the UK and each year 1 million people acquire the virus globally.

The APPG on HIV & AIDS is one of the oldest all-party groups in Parliament having been formed in the mid-1980s in response to the emergence of HIV and AIDS in the UK. MPs and peers who have joined the Group have done so because they are concerned about both the devastation that HIV and AIDS are causing in developing countries and about their impact here in the UK including in our constituencies. This year, the Group continues to focus on the impact of HIV internationally, having received reports from a number of organisations on the negative impact that changing aid priorities has had on key populations and women and girls in middle-income countries.

Members of the APPG on HIV & AIDS are determined to ensure that no one affected by HIV is left behind as part of the UNAIDS commitment to end AIDS by 2030 and will be working closely with other APPGs to ensure the UK Government, and other governments, meet this commitment.

The APPG would like to thank the thirty members of Parliament that attended the drop-in and especially thank all those organisations that attended to brief members of Parliament including the Terrence Higgins Trust, STOPAIDS, National AIDS Trust, Positively UK, KwaAfrica, BASHH, Youth STOPAIDS and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

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