2014 Reports

Patient empowerment:

For better quality, more sustainable health services globally

A report by the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Global Health; HIV/AIDs; Population, Development and Reproductive Health; Global Tuberculosis; and Patient and Public Involvement in Health and Social Care

This report takes a global perspective on an issue that concerns us all, wherever we live: whether healthcare is something that is done ‘to’ us or ‘with’ us.

HIV And Stigma: The Media Challenge

The Media Challenge

Huge progress is being made in tackling HIV, yet one fundamental obstacle remains: stigma. It’s clear to all commentators that eradicating the shame related to HIV is a priority; what’s less clear is how you go about achieving this change.

Stigma manifests itself in numerous ways and the result is that many people are reluctant to come forward for HIV counselling, testing and treatment and are much less likely to take the appropriate medication. The stark consequence of this is that incidence rates are far higher than they should be.

Call to Evidence for Access To Medicines Inquiry 2014

Call for evidence- Access to Medicines in the Developing World

APPG enquiry: Achieving Universal Access – The Treatment Timebomb Part II

Deadline for Submissions is Wednesday 19th March 2014, 9am

Background to the Inquiry
In 2009 the All Party Parliamentary Group on HIV and AIDS conducted an inquiry on the supply of affordable anti-retroviral medicines (ARVS), which concluded that the high price of second and third line drugs for HIV was a major barrier to access to HIV treatment. The report was successful in mobilising political support for the Medicines Patent Pool, and in highlighting the “Treatment time bomb” which exists as people in developing countries switch from first line HIV treatment to more expensive second and third line drugs.